Bundled Payment Innovators

The Archway team has been working with specialty providers to build successful bundled payment programs since they were created by CMS. Along the way we've learned some fundamental truths about this approach to payment innovation.

Bundled payment programs improve patient care

Bundled payments help sick people get better and get home while bringing benefits to every other part of the system along the way.


Specialists drive better bundled payment programs

Great specialists are the key to improving healthcare. When specialists have the opportunity to work within bundled payment contracts, they improve their patient relationships and have more autonomy over the care process.


Ideal bundled payment programs follow a model

Successful programs do four things: 1) Assign a leader to be accountable for high quality outcomes 2) Engage specialists in process design 3) Use robust data analytics to guide program choice and 4) Develop innovations that improve care and the patient experience.


Bundled payment programs create winners

With bundled payments, patients enjoy better outcomes at lower costs. Employees serve happier employees with lower premiums. And specialists experience a greater degree of professional freedom with margins they can measure and manage.