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The Truth about Bundled Payments


Bundled payment programs improve patient care

Bundled payments help patients achieve better clinical outcomes and return to full health faster, while bringing benefits to every other part of the system along the way.


Specialists drive better bundled payment programs

Great specialists are the key to improving healthcare. When specialists have the opportunity to work within bundled payment contracts, they improve patient relationships and have more autonomy over the care process.


Ideal bundled payment programs follow a model

1. Assign a leader to be accountable for high quality outcomes
2. Engage specialists in process design
3. Use robust data analytics to guide program choice 
4. Develop innovations that improve care and the patient experience


Bundled payment programs create winners

With bundled payments, patients experience better outcomes at lower costs. Employers can provide employees with lower premiums. And specialists experience a greater degree of professional freedom with margins they can measure and manage.


BPCI Advanced

BPCI Advanced is the next generation of the original Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative created by Medicare, and a further progression of the value-based healthcare movement. 


Our Approach to Bundled Payments

As healthcare experiences a dramatic risk transference from Medicare and commercial payers to providers and employers, Archway is committed to driving savings and increasing quality in risk-based programs. We anchor everything on clinical process improvement, having created positive outcomes for more than 35,000 unique patient episodes. 

Archway is a one-stop shop for risk-based programs, helping all types of healthcare providers build a program that’s right for them.

Our three-pronged service offering for risk-based programs— quantify, mitigate, protect—ultimately enables providers to take control of their risk and succeed in value-based payments.



With Archway Analytics, you can evaluate historical costs, pricing, opportunities, referral partners, collaborators and competitors to identify opportunities for improvements in care, cost savings and program success. 


Define the program and ongoing metrics that are right for you. Implement Archway Carelink and Analytics to track patient health status and program performance. 


Value-Based Risk Protection and other risk financing resources are available to manage program downside risks. Interested providers are encouraged to call their brokers. Brokers are encouraged to contact Archway.


How We Can Help

We’re a flexible bundled payment partner, with the resources to support any type of healthcare organization participating in risk-based programs in a way that works for you: 



For providers not ready to directly contract with CMS and manage their own programs, we’ll share risk and help run the programs. 

Licensing Tools

We’ve developed award-winning technology to support risk-based programs. If you’ve got the resources to run your program, we’ll give you the tools to manage it.

Advisory Support

Our value-based care team is there every step of the way to support care management, clinical process improvement, and program education. 

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