Welcome to the Archway Bundled Payment Blog

Archway is made up of a team of healthcare leaders and accomplished data analysts who have accumulated “10,000 hours” of bundled payment experience over the last several years. We have worked with hundreds of providers who are evaluating and participating in the BPCI program, and we have direct experience with the biggest players in the BPCI space. Through our work in the market we’ve come to believe that bundled payments offer the best chance to improve quality and reduce costs, but the journey from here to there will be filled with many paths, some more rocky than others.

At least once a week we will post a brief article about what we’re seeing and learning in the bundled payment market. These posts will be informed by the insights we’re gleaning from our work with dozens of providers and payors across the country who are pursuing Medicare and Commercial bundled payment programs.

A few of the posts we’ll be submitting over the next few weeks include:

  • Archway Bundle Analytics — Sample Monthly Data File Analyses

  • BPCI Workplan — Key Steps to Meet the Upcoming BPCI Deadlines

  • Pricing Analysis and Bundle Selection Methodologies

  • Bundled Payment: Reversing the Trend Toward Specialist Employment

  • 48 Bundles or Less? The Pros & Cons of Big vs. Small BPCI Programs

  • Care Model Redesign — 10 Key Steps

  • Basic Gainsharing Strategies

  • Commercial Bundled Payments — Key Steps to Get Started

Thank you for visiting!  We hope you will find this blog interesting and helpful.  As mentioned above, one of our goals is to create a broad dialogue about bundled payment and the evolving marketplace, so please don’t be shy about offering us your thoughts, feedback and commentary.