Archway Health Invited to Present at Startup Showcase

On Tuesday, January 12th, Archway Health CEO Dave Terry will present Archway’s approach to bundled payment programs at the Startup Showcase hosted by athenahealth and StartUp Health during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. This is an exciting opportunity for us to present to leading provider organizations and investors in our field. We only have a few minutes on the stage, but this is what we plan to present during our time. Archway Health Startup Showcase Presentation

Archway’s mission is to fix healthcare through payment reform and we do this by partnering with providers and payors to make bundled payments simple. Over the last 25 years I’ve managed all types of providers within every reimbursement system—including ACOs—and I’ve never experienced a better model for improving care and reducing costs than bundled payment. Currently, this is a $10 billion market, heading toward $100 billion in the next few years. Our goal is to be the market leader in this space.

Today we’re working with over 50 providers. We have hospital and nursing home partners who are earning millions in new revenue and surgeons who are tripling their revenue per case. We’re achieving these results because with our software and analytics tools, case managers who work for our provider partners can see where their patients are right now and how their patients are feeling today, as well as the real time financial performance of their program.

What differentiates Archway is our team, which includes healthcare experts, experienced tech developers, and Ph.D. level big data analysts. We’ve been working in the Medicare programs since their inception in 2011, and I believe we’re the best in the country at this. We’re also flexible in how we work with our provider partners, and we have multiple ways to make money, including sharing risk, charging licensing fees for our services, and analytics and patient tracking tools.

We’re seeking to talk to any provider organization that is live in a bundled payment program, as well as long-term investors who are as passionate as we are about fixing healthcare and helping sick people get better and get home.