New Video Overview Introduces Archway Carelink

At Archway Health, we have spent the last year talking to hundreds of care providers to learn about their experiences managing bundled payment programs in order to determine how this experience could be improved. We developed Archway Carelink to give our clients a simple and reliable way to manage their bundled payment programs. Archway Carelink is powered by a mobile app that gives you real-time updates on where your patients are located, how they are feeling, whether they are on track with their care plans, and how you are doing financially in the program. Caregivers can update this information on the go, and care managers can access this information in an easy-to-use online dashboard, where you can see at a glance whether your patients are on schedule for their care plan and which patients may require special attention or intervention.

Check out the video overview above for a closer look at Archway Carelink in action.

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