Archway Carelink: BPCI Real Time Patient Tracking, Care Coordination, and Financial Performance—Webinar Recap

[video width="908" height="678" mp4=""][/video]On a BPCI call last Tuesday, CMS and The Lewin Group highlighted some of the biggest pain points for EIs in implementing BPCI. Some of the most commonly reported challenges with implementation include:

  • Tracking patients across care continuum
  • Care coordination
  • Using data and dashboards
  • Care redesign
  • Obtaining clinician/provider buy-in
  • Partnering with external providers

According to The Lewin Group's presentation: "Tracking patients in real-time is a very manual and labor-intensive process if you don't have the right technology and tools to assist."

Find out how Archway Health is addressing these challenges in this webinar, presented on Thursday, March 17th. Archway Carelink answers the 4 most important questions for program management in real time: Where are my patients? Are they on schedule with their care plans? Do I need to intervene? How am I doing financially?

See a video preview of Archway Carelink here:

This webinar is led by Archway Health CTO Tony Cheng and CEO Dave Terry.

Who should attend: 

Hospital Leaders: CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CMIOs, Medical Directors, Nursing Executives, VPs, Directors and Executives of Bundled Payment & Population Health, Accountable Care, Care Management, Clinical Care Delivery and Operations.