Archway’s Bundled Payment Principles

After working in CMS bundled payment programs for the last four and a half years, the Archway Health team has developed a number of principles that drive how we work with providers and how we think about the tools and services we’re building. These principles are described briefly below. Archway’s Bundled Payment Principles

  1. Great for providers
    • Bundled payment programs can be a great way for providers to take more control of the care management process, access new revenue sources, and improve outcomes for their patients.
  2. Don’t outsource care management
    • Internal provider case management teams can and want to manage their patients as they move along the continuum. They just need the right tools and partnerships to do it.
    • It's also important not to boil the ocean and to focus on just a few areas that will have the biggest impact on improving outcomes and reducing costs.
  3. Collaborate closely with preferred providers
    • Being selective, sharing data, emphasizing communication, and having a tight performance feedback loop make the process much easier to manage.
  4. Real time patient care management data is essential
    • Interoperable IT systems aren’t working and we’re taking risk today. Archway Carelink was designed to be a simple way to enhance communication and collect real time health status and assessment information from along the care continuum.
  5. Integrate care management & claims data to track performance
    • Claims data is too slow to truly manage performance. By integrating Carelink and claims data we can assess program performance in close to real time.
  6. Don’t overpay for risk protection
    • Bundled payment programs are less risky than some folks may think, plus CMS offers significant risk protection within the BPCI, CJR and OCM programs. It’s important to understand true risks and opportunities before contracting with a third party for risk protection.
  7. Keep it simple
    • Bundled payment programs can be complicated. Our goal at Archway is to keep the process simple and as easy to manage as possible.

We hope you find these principles helpful. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on these and others you think we should add.