Ziegler National Senior Living CFO Workshop in New Orleans

This week Archway Health will be attending Ziegler’s National Senior Living CFO Workshop in New Orleans. Archway CEO Dave Terry will be giving a presentation titled “Update on Payment Reform and Changing Models.” We are interested in meeting with long-term care providers and senior living organizations who are interested in proactively pursuing preferred provider partnerships with referring hospitals, particularly those hospitals participating in CMS’s CJR and BPCI bundled payment programs. We have analytics tools and services that help long-term care organizations report on their performance vs their competition, something that is increasingly important in this data-driven market. We also have patient tracking tools that help post-acute facilities stand out by efficiently communicating patient progress and health status to their referral partners on a regular basis.

Will you be at the workshop? We would love to have the chance to connect with you and understand whether Archway Health can help your company.