6 Steps to Bundled Payment Success: Simple Care Management Process

6 Steps to Success in Bundled Payment ProgramsThe third step we provide to our customers to succeed in bundled payment programs is a simple care management process. Archway’s goal is not to redesign the existing process that care management teams have in place, but to make sure that these steps are included for patients that need to be followed and cared for over the 30, 60, or 90 day bundled episode that they chose.

Archway’s simple care management process is called INACT. The INACT process is outlined below.

INACT Care Management Process

  1. Identify - Identify patients in bundled payment programs
  2. Notify - Notify patients that they are enrolled in a bundled payment program
  3. Assess - Assess patients to determine if they are Low, Medium, or High risk for complications
  4. Care Plan - Develop a 30, 60, or 90 day care plan that maps out key transition steps across the episode
  5. Track - Track patient progress as they transition from hospital to home

Our customers have achieved clinical and financial success in managing their patients with this process.