6 Steps to Bundled Payment Success: Real Time Patient Tracking

6 Steps to Success in Bundled Payment Programs In past posts we discussed how opportunity assessment, preferred provider network development, and a simple care management process work as steps to success in bundled payment programs.

The fourth step to success in a bundled payment program is real time patient tracking. This step can be a tricky one. In fact, in a BPCI learning call in March, CMS and The Lewin Group presented survey results that showed that episode initiators overwhelmingly reported that the biggest challenge in implementing BPCI they had experienced was tracking patients across the care continuum, followed by care coordination, using data and dashboards, and care redesign. According to The Lewin Group’s presentation, “tracking patients in real-time is a very manual and labor-intensive process if you don’t have the right technology and tools to assist.” These are real practical challenges, and they are exactly the challenges that Archway Carelink was created to overcome right now, without having to wait for interoperability to catch up.

At Archway Health, we have concluded that there are 4 important questions to answer in order to manage bundled payment programs successfully:

  1. Where are my patients?
  2. Are they on schedule with their care plans?
  3. Do I need to intervene?
  4. How am I doing financially?

Archway Carelink helps providers answer these questions in real time. Carelink lets episode initiators create episodes in Carelink by entering patient information and completing a short risk assessment. Based on this risk assessment, Carelink provides benchmarks for SNF length of stay. Once a patient's care plan is created, the patient can be admitted on Carelink and tracked with patient status updates until the time of discharge.


These patient updates can be entered on the web or using the Carelink mobile app. Tracking patients can help prevent readmissions and help patients get home faster with improved quality of care. The ability to track patients in real time is an important factor in the success of a bundled payment program.

Thoughts? Questions? Please contact us at info@archwayha.com to schedule a Carelink demo.