Archway Health Branding Exercise with Catapult Thinking

Archway_Team I’ve been involved with building startups for the last 15 years of my career. One of the things I love about startups is the opportunity to create a brand from nothing. It’s a rewarding feeling when customers start to believe in and trust the brand you’ve created.

A branding exercise challenges us to think about what’s most important to us and our customers, and how we tell our story to the market. And it helps to have some smart outsiders who can help guide the process and ask the right questions.

So on a brilliant summer day in late June, the Archway team gathered in Boston’s Leather District, right between Chinatown and South Station, at the offices of Catapult Thinking. The Boston team members drove in from towns around Boston, and the NYC contingent arrived by early flight into Logan.

Our goal was to spend two days working with Mike Mooney and Dean Whitney of Catapult Thinking developing our brand. We were impressed by these guys because they are very down to earth and practical, and have done some excellent work with brands like Office Depot, Harpoon Brewery, and music brands like Zildjan, VOX, and D’Addario strings.

Over two days, we spent our brainpower on exercises designed to help us figure out what we’re all about and what we care about the most, as well as how we position ourselves in a competitive market. Mike and Dean were very good coaches. It was tiring, but we were rewarded at the end of each day with some Harpoon Brewery Beer. We highly recommend the Camp Wannamango. Yes, a mango-flavored beer.

We’re excited about this branding project, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.