"OCM Baseline Analysis: Initial Findings" Webinar Recap

OCM practices now have access to a treasure trove of claims data that they have never seen before. In a webinar presented September 22nd, Archway Health explained how we are helping practices around the country to find actionable information that powers data-driven improvement in their OCM programs. Archway’s approach covers 7 different areas:

  • Drivers in the OCM Pricing Model,
  • Understanding the costs of cancer episodes,
  • Physician performance (and variation) on both cost and quality measures,
  • Hospital use,
  • Drug profiles and selection,
  • End-of-life care, and
  • Volatility

In OCM, each episode gets a unique price based on the risk adjustment model. In the webinar, we discussed how the pricing model works and how to interpret your OCM Snapshot Report. We also gave concrete examples of how other OCM practices are using the baseline claims data to drive improvements in their practices and increase performance-based payments.

A link to the full video replay of the webinar is available on request.

Is your practice preparing for OCM? Please contact us at info@archwayha.com to learn more about how Archway Health can help your practice succeed in OCM.