Oncologists Flock to Bundled Payments in Unanticipated Numbers: 4 Key Notes

Becker’s ASC Review covered the announcement from a recent Archway Health press release in their short write-up, “Oncologists flock to bundled payments in unanticipated numbers: 4 key notes.” The post quotes Dennis Zoet, senior director of business development and operations for Kalamazoo-based Western Michigan's cancer and hemotology centers: "Our institution has always sought new ways to improve patient care, while reducing costs. The OCM model allows us to do just that within our population of patients battling cancer. Given the breadth and depth of their experience within bundled payments, Archway Health is an ideal partner to help us navigate and succeed within this new landscape.”

Read the full Becker’s ASC Review post here: http://www.beckersasc.com/asc-coding-billing-and-collections/oncologists-flock-to-bundled-payments-in-unanticipated-numbers-4-key-notes.html

Read the original Archway Health press release here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170202005781/en/