BPCI Scorecard Provides Snapshot of Potential Savings

http://archwayhealth.com/bpci-advanced/request-bpci-scorecard/ While the release date is still undetermined, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is expected to unveil the next generation of its existing Bundled Payments Care Improvement (BPCI). The continuation of this vital healthcare initiative will herald a new era for efficiency in care management.

While it remains to be seen what the next model will be called—Advanced BPCI, BPCI Advanced, or something different—we do know it is coming. And it’s clear that providers are best served by getting ready. Until CMS announces the official name, we’re calling it BPCI Advanced.  

This next generation in the bundled payments movement will be an important opportunity for specialists and specialty providers in particular. It is the first new Medicare bundled payment opportunity for specialists since early 2014. For those already enrolled in BPCI, this is a moment to enhance the efficiencies their practices have already achieved. For those new to bundled payments, this is an ideal time to step toward the future of value-based healthcare.

At Archway Health, we are here to guide your organization, whether you’re a single specialist or a large specialty provider, in the process of preparing for and adopting BPCI Advanced. Let us help you answer what is most likely your first question: Will it be worth it for our practice to join BPCI Advanced program?

In anticipation of BPCI Advanced, we have developed the “Bundled Payment Scorecard” to offer a comprehensive look at the potential savings and efficiencies for your practice. We focus on the factors that have the most dramatic effect on the improvement of payment processes and patient outcomes:

  • Total Episodes
  • Total Medicare Spend
  • Total Post Acute Spend
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Utilization
  • Average Skilled Nursing Facility Length of Stay
  • Readmission Rate

Through these metrics, we provide a snapshot of your practice’s revenue opportunity with adoption of bundled payments. Specialists using our platform have saved on average more than $2,000 per case, and have provided an improved standard of care to their patients.

BPCI Advanced Scorecard

We understand that doctors and practice managers may be confused as to the future of bundled payments, and have little time to do extensive research on the subject. In a free, 30-minute consultation, we can walk you through both an overview of the evolving landscape of BPCI and share your custom Bundled Payment Scorecard.

We’re excited for the announcement of BPCI Advanced. Since our founding, we have focused only on bundled payments—it’s all we do. And we believe in the importance and potential of this space so much that our model is to share both the downside risks and upside rewards with our partners. In other words, we only get paid when you succeed.

The window for applications to enroll for the BPCI Advanced program is expected to open with the CMS announcement. Interest is already very high. If you’re looking to learn about this opportunity for your organization, we invite you to please contact our team at ehughes@archwayha.com today.

It takes very little time, and we promise that time will be very well spent.