Selecting the Right Partner for Your Bundled Payments Program

Value-based care continues to transform how care is designed, delivered, measured, and paid for. Recent CMS announcements have conveyed that these efforts will continue through healthcare innovation, increased focus on physicians, and new payment models. CMS has also indicated that the next generation of the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) model is still imminent, providing opportunity for physicians to reduce costs and improve quality.

Selecting the right partner to help manage not only the new BPCI model, but all bundled payments, is key to success. Health organizations ask us all the time what makes us different from other partners—as they should. When it comes to selecting a partner, it’s important to be an ‘informed shopper.’

Below is list of questions to consider that when selecting a bundled payments partner, and how Archway addresses each.

Your Needs
Assess your level of need and desired level of involvement before jumping into a relationship with a bundled payments partner. 

  • Does your practice have experience with bundled payments or other risk-based programs?

  • Do you prefer to manage the care of your own patients or would you prefer to outsource care management?

  • Do you want a full service partner or only select services?

No matter your level of need or sophistication, we offer a complete solution that frees your practice to focus on what matters most: medical treatment and care delivery.

Many companies have come onto the bundled payments scene in anticipation of the new BPCI model. A partner that has already participated in first BPCI program will have more experience and insight that will benefit your practice.

  • How long has the potential partner been involved in bundled payments?

  • Are they focused solely on bundled payments?

  • Do they have experience working with specialists?

  • Have they conducted CMS reconciliations for BPCI?

At Archway, we are 100% focused on bundled payments—it’s all we do. We direct that focus toward helping practices succeed. We have also reconciled our data, meaning we’ve learned from our own, and others’, mistakes.

Care Management
Bundled payment programs are not just about the money and technology—they can positively impact how you care for patients.  

  • Does the potential partner have a real-time patient tracking platform? Will your care delivery partners adopt it?

  • Who interfaces with your patients – your team or your partner’s?

  • How do they develop preferred provider networks?

  • What is their experience with gainsharing agreements?

  • What do their current customers say about them?

Archway helps providers evaluate, design and manage bundled payment programs through the entire episode of care. Our goal is to collaborate for improved care delivery and better patient outcomes.

Data Analytics
As the famous Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

  • How quickly is data available each month from the potential partner?

  • Do they have a web-based delivery platform?

  • How comprehensive are their data dashboards?

Archway’s technology platform and services include online analytics, care management and patient tracking tools, redesign services, financial reporting, and ongoing operations.

Performance (Quality & Financial)
When evaluating partners that have experience to show, take a close look at the results, both in quality improvement and cost reduction.

  • What quality metrics is the convener tracking in BPCI?

  • How have they improved quality and the patient experience?

  • How are your potential partners’ clients doing in the current BPCI?

  • How much are they saving per episode—in dollars and percentages?

Specialists working with Archway have earned on average $2,000 extra revenue per case in BPCI, while improving patient outcomes.

Deciding how you want to manage risk is one of the toughest parts of implementing a bundled payments program.

  • How much risk do you want to accept?

  • Do you want to take on the risk alone or share risk with a partner?

  • Will they help you meet the program’s Letter of Credit requirements?

Archway partners with providers to share risks and rewards, which means we don’t get paid until our partners succeed.

We are confident that bundled payments can help grow your practice, and we’re committed to helping you navigate and succeed in these bundled payment programs. In a half-hour consultation, we can help you learn more about the imminent BPCI program update, and find your potential savings in a provider-specific Bundled Payment Scorecard. To learn more, contact our team at