CMS Poised to Launch New Voluntary Bundled Payment Program

On November 30, 2017, CMS Administrator Seema Verma announced that the new Medicare voluntary bundled payment initiative will be launched soon. Archway couldn’t be more excited.  

In our experience, voluntary, specialist-driven bundled payment models are the best way to improve healthcare for patients, increase autonomy for specialists, and reduce healthcare costs. Proactive specialists participating in these programs can drive real improvement in our healthcare system. With this new initiative around the corner, our goal is to help as many providers as we can to evaluate, enroll, and succeed.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to evaluate the program and determine the best path forward for your organization. Success in bundled payments requires a partner you trust. We’re proud of our approach and want to emphasize how our attributes make us the best partner to achieve long term success:

The Archway Team. We have assembled a veteran team of bundled payment experts, healthcare strategists, clinicians, data scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs. Our entire company is completely focused on bundled payments; it’s all we do.   

Transparency & Trust. Our company’s values are: integrity, accessibility, program intelligence and openness. We strive for long-term, trust-based relationships and take pride in achieving continuous improvement through shared learning.

Experience. Our team has been working in bundled payment for more than 10 years. We have been active in all of the Medicare programs since their inceptions and are armed with insights honed from eight reconciliation periods in BPCI.

Continued Success. We have a 100% success rate. Every one of our BPCI partners is improving care for their patients and earning savings in the program. Through transparency and best practice sharing, we continuously learn from and work with our partners to increase savings.  

Comprehensive Platform. We have developed a full-service, internally-built bundled payment platform that includes strategic guidance, web-based data analytics, patient tracking software, gainsharing contracts, risk financing and flexible pricing.

Pricing Flexibility. We can share risk, or we can work on a licensing fee basis. As a provider-centric partner, we are committed to developing the right financial model for your organization.

We are excited to share our plans to launch a complementary training series on the BPCI-Advanced program, engineered to prepare you for success. To participate in this series, please express your interest by contacting us.