Bundled Payment Model Creates Opportunities for Providers

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, CMS announced the next generation of BPCI. Yesterday, January 10, CMS released additional information about BPCI Advanced that we want to share with you.

CMS identified all 29 inpatient bundles, including 10 orthopedic bundles and eight cardiovascular bundles, and a new liver bundle. CMS also identified three outpatient bundles: Cardiac Defibrillator; Back & Neck, except Spinal Fusion; and Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI).
We are excited by these new bundles, which will engage a broader audience and energize new thinking around cost savings. As CMS noted previously, PCI alone generates $10 billion in aggregate Medicare spending annually. Clearly, these bundles collectively represent a sizeable segment of the healthcare market.
In addition to the new bundles, CMS announced 20 bundles will be removed that were previously included in BPCI, including chest pain and diabetes, that had not generated meaningful cost savings. Ultimately, the refinement of the final bundles reflects CMS’ continued evolution of bundled payment models.
In BCPI Advanced, CMS will also introduce an updated Physician Group Practice (PGP) pricing model that incorporates PGP-specific adjustments, and a more sophisticated methodology for setting benchmark prices that incorporate relative efficiency adjustments and regional spending trends. Additionally, CMS will expand bundle definitions to include costs related to hospice care and pre-anchor ER care. Once all of the program details have been released, we will share our perspective on what this means for practices.

You can find the list of bundles here.

We will be sharing a lot more information on a webinar, “BPCI Advanced 101” on Friday, 1/12 at 3 pm EST. On the webinar, we’ll also provide an overview of Archway Academy,  an online learning platform dedicated to helping providers who are working with us to better understand and prepare for BPCI-Advanced. 

Can’t attend? Contact us directly and we’ll provide a link to the recording. 

We look forward to working with you soon.