CMS Enhanced ACO Announcement

CMS today announced a significant adjustment that will affect providers in Enhanced ACOs, formerly known as Shared Savings Program Track 3.

Beginning with the start of Model Year 3 on January 1, 2020, when providers in Enhanced ACOs treat patients in a BPCI Advanced bundle, the BPCI-A bundle patient will be attributed to the owner of the bundle and not the ACO. This is an amendment to earlier CMS policy, which attributed these patients to the Track 3 ACO. NextGen ACOs will still take precedence over the BPCI-A program.

This is an important development for providers who have not yet enrolled in BPCI Advanced because of their participation in an Enhanced ACO, particularly as the application period for BPCI-A Cohort 2 closes at midnight EST on Monday, June 24.

Providers who want to maximize their participation and performance in risk programs should be evaluating their opportunities both in ACOs and in bundled payment programs like BPCI Advanced. Providers who are interested in participating in BPCI Advanced should click here to fill out our application.

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