Webinar Highlights: Dr. Jordan Simon explains why his practice joined BPCI

The New York State Society of Orthopedic Surgeons and Archway Health hosted this webinar on December 14th, 2017.  This video highlights some insightful commentary from Dr. Jordan Simon of Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine about why his practice joined the BPCI program and their experience working closely with Archway to design a successful program.

Webinar Recap: EPM Financial + Clinical Deep Dive

On Monday, February 20th, Archway Health presented a webinar with MedAxiom titled “EPM Financial + Clinical Deep Dive.” Ginger Biesbrock, Vice President, MedAxiom Consulting and Dave Terry, Founder & CEO, Archway Health were the featured speakers. Ginger introduced the topic and acknowledged that managing an episode of care can be complex. In order to do it successfully, providers must "simultaneously redesign and optimize care to drive quality and minimize cost, engage ALL providers who touch a patient across an episode of care, understand the entire continuum of care that is required to provide an episode, and track performance both clinically and financially across the episode—in all areas of care provision—as a whole but also by segments and individual providers."

Dave talked about the EPM program management process, upfront EPM analytics and opportunity assessment, and ongoing performance management dashboards.

"The goal of the upfront analytics and assessment process is to identify the main 2 or 3 operational focus areas that can drive improvement in the first few quarters," he said. At Archway Health, we encourage providers to choose just 2 or 3 priorities to focus on to start out, rather than trying to change everything right out of the gates. Areas of focus might include preferred post-acute network development, clinical process redesign, specialist engagement, discharge planning process redesign, physician gainsharing, and patient reported outcome tracking.

You can find more resources on the MedAxiom EPM Resource page. You can also contact Archway Health for more information by emailing info@archwayha.com.

Ed Bassin Featured in Videos from Cancer Center Business Summit

Archway Health is featured in video interviews from the Cancer Center Business Summit that are now live on OBR’s video center. In these short videos, Archway Health Chief Analytics Officer Ed Bassin, PhD, answers questions about the Oncology Payment Model (OCM). Ed also presented on a panel at the conference titled "The Oncology Care Model (OCM) Evolving Best Practices." Check out the videos below. What should oncologists be thinking about today as they approach value-based care? 



What are some of the differences that you see working with hospital-based cancer centers versus community oncology practices? 



Do you believe that there will be health care savings with the implementation of the OCM? 



What are some of the challenges for oncologists and practices with the OCM model? 


You can watch all the videos and related videos here: http://obroncology.com/video-center/?category=all&watch=NDUyMzgy

Archway Health to Present EPM Webinar with MedAxiom on February 20th

EPM Financial + Clinical Deep Dive

Monday, February 20, 2017 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST


Archway Health will present a webinar with MedAxiom titled "EPM Financial + Clinical Deep Dive." Ginger Biesbrock, Vice President, MedAxiom Consulting and Dave Terry, Founder & CEO, Archway Health are the featured speakers.

From MedAxiom:

EPM webinar number #3 will walk you through an analysis of sample CMS data to look at costs of episodes and the breakdown, showing benchmarking and areas of opportunity. The second half will provide insights on how to look at your clinical programming to better understand opportunities related to throughput, transitions, alignment and care coordination.