Modern Healthcare: Providers blame unpredictability for slow adoption of CMS’ risk-based models

“There were a lot of practices that moved forward that frankly we wouldn’t have recommended to move forward if they didn’t have the option to drop off.” Our CEO, Dave Terry, spoke with Modern Healthcare about the risk associated with value-based payment models and why the adoption rate in Medicare has been slow. Read more here.

Healthcare Innovation: BPCI Advanced Participants Drop by 16 Percent; Stakeholders Weigh in on Significance

“The numbers tell an interesting story for orthopedic providers. We’re worried that many of the orthopedic groups that stayed in major joint replacement of the lower extremity (MJRLE) will have significant negative reconciliations in October.” Our General Manager of BPCI Advanced, Keely Macmillan, discussed the significance of the 16% drop in BPCI Advanced participants with Healthcare Innovation. Read more here.

HFMA: Some Practices Leave Largest Bundle Program

“We had a number of folks who we spoke to who felt like they learned in the last four or five months of doing this and were dropping out, but they were going to significantly evaluate getting back into the program when the next opportunity arose.”

Our CEO, Dave Terry, discussed why some participants dropped out of BPCI Advanced with HFMA and what adjustments CMS may make to the program. Read more here.

Healthcare Finance: Providers await drop-out numbers for BPCI Advanced

“We talked to a lot of providers who thought about getting in but felt they didn't have time. We know there's a lot of pent up demand.” Our CEO, Dave Terry, spoke with Healthcare Finance about what to expect now that the March 1 deadline for providers in the bundled payments for care improvement advanced model to drop-out of the voluntary program has passed. Read more here.

The Business of Healthcare Podcast: How Medicare Bundled Payment Initiatives Can Be Used Successfully In Commercial Healthcare Markets

Our CEO, Dave Terry, met with Dr. Bob Kaiser, director of the master’s degree program in healthcare leadership and management for professionals at the Naveen Jindal School of Management, to discuss the impact of bundled payments on the commercial healthcare market, the history of healthcare payment methods, and more.

Listen to their full conversation in Episode 29 of The Business of Healthcare podcast

HealthPayerIntelligence: HCTTF Offers Clinical Episode Grouper Resources for Bundled Payments

“These tools will help to simplify the process for payers and providers to develop bundled payment arrangements to drive high-quality, patient-centered specialty care for their patients.” Our CEO Dave Terry spoke with HealthPayerIntelligence about the support payers need to develop innovative bundled payment programs. Read more here.

HeartTalk Podcast: BPCI Advanced PLUS

Alternative Payment Models will impact your organization’s future revenue, whether participating in voluntary models or waiting for mandatory payment policies to take effect. So what role will BPCI Advanced play in this new era, what is “BPCI Advanced Plus”, and what are the current drivers and challenges among providers, payers and self-insured employers? 

Hear our CEO, Dave Terry, and MedAxiom Consulting’s EVP, Joel Sauer, talk more on the 11/14 HeartTalk podcast.

Mastering Bundled Payments with David Terry, Founder & CEO at Archway Health

"We've got a great team here at Archway, there are about 30 people now. Many of us have been in healthcare for a long time and have been committed to finding a better model, a better mousetrap. I think what's getting us closer is much better access to data, much better information and the ability to fold that into these different types of reimbursement models." 

Hear David Terry discuss his journey and what Archway is doing to advance payment reform here.

Modern Healthcare: CMS extends bundled-pay program timeline

The CMS is giving providers more time to opt into a new federal bundle pay initiative after clinicians and hospitals complained they didn't have the claims data necessary to determine if they wanted to participate. "It gives a little bit a breathing room for a provider already looking data and thinking about how to be successful in the program," said Keely Macmillan, General Manager of BPCI Advanced. 

Read more here