Modern Healthcare & Cardiovascular Business: CMS Delays Expansion of Bundled Payment Programs

Modern Healthcare recently published an article titled "CMS delays expansion of bundled payment programs." In the article, writer Elizabeth Whitman reports on the interim final rule published by CMS on the delay. The rule states: "This additional three-month delay is necessary to allow time for additional review, to ensure that the agency has adequate time to undertake notice and comment rulemaking to modify the policy if modifications are warranted, and to ensure that in such a case participants have a clear understanding of the governing rules and are not required to take needless compliance steps." The article includes Archway Health CEO and Co-Founder Dave Terry's comments on how providers are preparing: "Out of about 1,200 providers slated to be included in mandatory cardiac episode payment models, or EPMs, about 10% had expressed interest in actively preparing for them, said Dave Terry, CEO of Archway, a company that works with providers on bundled payment initiatives. Providers in the voluntary space were much more engaged, he said."

The article concludes: "One area of consensus is that this interim final rule on mandatory payment reforms is not the last the CMS will issue. Whether the agency will delay them again, before October, or transition them into a voluntary model, 'I'll be surprised if this is the final change,' Terry said."

Cardiovascular Business also quotes Dave Terry in their coverage of the CMS delay this week: "Archway Health CEO Dave Terry said in an interview with HealthExec in January that he anticipated the programs would continue as voluntary initiatives."

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