Boston Voyager: Meet Dave Terry of Archway Health in Watertown

Meet Dave Terry in this new feature by Boston Voyager, part of their Inspiring Stories series. In the article, Dave talks about what led him to found Archway Health. He says:

Over the years I’ve worked in all of the reimbursement models—fee-for-service, population health, global budgets, ACOs—and what I love about the bundled payment model is that it’s the only model that empowers the best experts—specialist physicians—to focus on patients who are sick, and help them get better and get back home.

And over the last few years we’ve seen that this is a better way to deliver healthcare. It's having a big impact on improving outcomes and the patient experience, significantly reducing costs, while also helping the providers we’re working with earn new revenue.

Our goal at Archway is to work with specialty providers, employers, and health plans who also believe this is a better way, and our objective is to help those folks improve care and reduce costs as they build and implement these initiatives.

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