Healthcare Dive: Despite Federal Delays, Bundled Payments Will Be Entrenched in US Healthcare

Dave Terry, founder and CEO of Archway Health, is quoted several times throughout a new feature published today on Healthcare Dive. The article by Les Masterson is titled "Despite federal delays, bundled payments will be entrenched in US healthcare." Dave tells Healthcare Dive that CMS has shown that they remain committed to bundled payments. This message has been consistent both pre-election and post-election.

Dave also says that though the changes involved in implementing a bundled payment program may feel overwhelming, bundled payment programs ultimately lead to more autonomy and funding to manage patient populations.

Dave says:

"In this scenario, acute care will ultimately constitute a smaller component than currently, so hospital payments could well shrink. However, if hospitals take the appropriate action they can sustain and even grow their bottom lines by more coordinated and prudent use of resources."

The article also mentions the BPCI Advanced program:

There is another bundled payment announcement expected this summer — the next iteration of the BPCI program. No matter when CMS announces its next bundled payment program, Terry said CMS will continue bundled payments — regardless of the delays and the HHS secretary's opposition to mandatory programs.

“There will likely be more delays, but everything we’ve heard and everyone expects in the industry is that it’s coming,” said Terry.

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