Cath Lab Digest: Bundles are Here. Where are the Opportunities?

On March 12th, 2018, CMS closed the 60 day enrollment period to apply for their voluntary BPCI-Advanced program. In a recent article by Cath Lab Digest provided by Terumo Business Edge, Archway Health's GM of BPCI-Advanced, Keely Macmillan, and MedAxiom Consulting's Vice President, Anne Beekman, discuss the opportunities in cardiology in BPCI Advanced. They talk about the two new outpatient cardiac procedures added to the program: percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and cardiac defibrillators. "If the goal for CMS and BPCI Advanced is to differentiate this new program by its encouragement of cost savings, quality, and coordination of care, the natural question may be, how much separation is there between cost and quality today? The data around this question might surprise you. Archway Health is an experienced BPCI convener; their analysis of Medicare fee-for-service claims reveals an average wage-adjusted cost for an outpatient PCI 90-day bundle of $15,900. If you are thinking that this cost must be located almost entirely in procedure costs, think again. Of the $15,900 spent during the outpatient PCI 90-day bundle, 30%, or $4,800, represents cost that occurred after the anchor PCI procedure." >> READ ON