Press Release: Archway Health Announces Partnership With A-Rated Insurance Carrier on Launch of Value-Based Risk Protection for Providers

BOSTON, Mass.--As healthcare migrates from fee-for-service payment models to value-based care, providers increasingly seek solutions that offer them protection against losses within two-sided, risk-based arrangements. Today, Archway Health, an innovator with healthcare organizations and self-insured employers in risk-based payment programs, has announced a new partnership with an A-rated insurance carrier to provide a new stop-loss program to help protect the downside risk of healthcare providers participating in value-based payment programs.

The stop-loss protection program, called Value-Based Risk Protection, combines both financial risk protection through an A-rated insurance carrier with risk mitigation through Archway’s comprehensive package of analytics and care management tools. The new program will help providers manage care and risk within all types of value-based care arrangements, including the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) bundled payment programs, Medicare accountable care organizations (ACOs), and commercial risk contracts. Archway offers a comprehensive approach to risk mitigation that includes Archway Analytics, a readiness assessment, best-practice sharing and opportunity analysis platform, integrated with Archway’s Carelink patient tracking and care management platform. 

“It has recently become clear that both CMS and commercial payers are shifting risk out of their hands and onto the books of healthcare providers. This shift makes it critical for providers to rethink how they manage the care they provide, and how they protect against potential losses within these contracts,” said Dave Terry, Co-founder and CEO of Archway Health. “When priced appropriately, stop-loss insurance can be an effective way for providers to leverage their balance sheet and avoid excessive losses in risk-based agreements. We are proud to help our insurance partner comprehensively quantify, manage and mitigate healthcare risk.”

Value-Based Risk Protection leverages national provider data to offer interested providers competitive premiums with maximum coverage. Flexible deductible levels and coverage options can be optimized based on the provider's risk tolerance. This solution is available now to the over 1,200 providers participating in the CMS Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Advanced program, as well as for organizations facing downside risk in other value-based payment programs. 

Value-Based Risk Protection can be obtained through healthcare insurance brokers. Interested providers can learn more here

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