3 Ways Bundled Payment Models Brought Hospital Cost Savings

Writer Vera Gruessner included two quotes from an interview with Dave Terry in an article recently published at The article, titled “3 Ways Bundled Payment Models Brought Hospital Cost Savings,” looks at case studies that show how these savings were achieved. Dave is quoted as an expert on bundled payment and explains how CMS has handled some of the initial challenges that were part of launching the BPCI program. Read the full article here.

Why Healthcare Bundled Payment Models May Expand in 2017

Archway Health Founder and CEO Dave Terry is quoted in a new article published in In the article by Vera Gruessner, titled "Why Healthcare Bundled Payment Models May Expand in 2017," Dave discusses CMS bundled payment models, prospective versus retrospective reconciliation, MACRA, and the future of bundled payments. For commercial payers looking to get started in bundled payments, he also offers this advice: “Start soon. It’s never too early to start.” Read the full article here:


The Future of Bundled Payments in Changing Healthcare Landscape

An article by Archway Health CEO Dave Terry was recently published by Becker’s Hospital CFO. In “The future of bundled payments in changing healthcare landscape," Dave states that no matter what changes may come to affect the current state of healthcare as a result of the recent presidential election, we cannot afford to lose bundled payments. "With the rising cost of government healthcare spending and an aging population, the transition to move from volume to value should remain a priority for both parties for the foreseeable future," he says. "Bundled payments are one solution that will continue to aid in this transition."

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Maximizing Value for Patients through Bundled Payments

A guest post by Archway Health CEO Dave Terry on "Maximizing value for patients through bundled payments" was recently published online in Becker's Hospital CFO. In the post, Dave states the case for bundled payments, arguing that in a traditional fee-for-service model, it can be difficult for patients to determine value in healthcare. In bundled payment models however, determining value in healthcare doesn't have to be a leap of faith for patients. "Because organizations enter into payments arrangements that include both financial and performance accountability, patients can benefit from price transparency, reduced costs of care, and improved outcomes."

Ultimately, "bundled payments provide value that every patient can understand," Dave says.

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