Mastering Bundled Payments with David Terry, Founder & CEO at Archway Health

"We've got a great team here at Archway, there are about 30 people now. Many of us have been in healthcare for a long time and have been committed to finding a better model, a better mousetrap. I think what's getting us closer is much better access to data, much better information and the ability to fold that into these different types of reimbursement models." 

Hear David Terry discuss his journey and what Archway is doing to advance payment reform here.

Modern Healthcare: CMS extends bundled-pay program timeline

The CMS is giving providers more time to opt into a new federal bundle pay initiative after clinicians and hospitals complained they didn't have the claims data necessary to determine if they wanted to participate. "It gives a little bit a breathing room for a provider already looking data and thinking about how to be successful in the program," said Keely Macmillan, General Manager of BPCI Advanced. 

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Archway Health Expands Advisory Team to Counsel Providers Participating in BPCI Advanced

In preparation for the October 1 launch of the new Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Advanced model from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Archway Health has hired three additional team members to deliver one-on-one advisory support to healthcare organizations and providers preparing to launch their bundled payment programs. Archway is a preferred partner to specialists, hospitals, conveners and other healthcare associations and organizations participating in all of CMS’s bundled payment programs, including those who have applied to BPCI Advanced.

Managed Healthcare Executive: Four Ways Payers Can Advance Oncology Value-Based Pay

Key to making changes to cancer treatment is provider engagement, says Mah-Jabeen Soobader, PhD, chief analytics officer at Archway Health, which consults with providers, payers, and employers on value-based care programs.

She recommends tapping into physicians’ competitive nature and being transparent about the data associated with their performance when compared to other oncologists in their group or department. “Most times, they self-correct after looking at the data.”

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Cath Lab Digest: Bundles are Here. Where are the Opportunities?

On March 12th, 2018, CMS closed the 60 day enrollment period to apply for their voluntary BPCI-Advanced program. In a recent article by Cath Lab Digest provided by Terumo Business Edge, Archway Health's GM of BPCI-Advanced, Keely Macmillan, and MedAxiom Consulting's Vice President, Anne Beekman, discuss the opportunities in cardiology in BPCI Advanced. They talk about the two new outpatient cardiac procedures added to the program: percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and cardiac defibrillators. "If the goal for CMS and BPCI Advanced is to differentiate this new program by its encouragement of cost savings, quality, and coordination of care, the natural question may be, how much separation is there between cost and quality today? The data around this question might surprise you. Archway Health is an experienced BPCI convener; their analysis of Medicare fee-for-service claims reveals an average wage-adjusted cost for an outpatient PCI 90-day bundle of $15,900. If you are thinking that this cost must be located almost entirely in procedure costs, think again. Of the $15,900 spent during the outpatient PCI 90-day bundle, 30%, or $4,800, represents cost that occurred after the anchor PCI procedure." >> READ ON