Why Specialists

Specialists have gotten lost in this era of ACOs and hospital mergers. Good providers with focused specialty expertise are the key to great and high-value healthcare.

How Specialists Benefit

Improved Quality & Patient Satisfaction

Patients return home faster with better outcomes and satisfaction.

Enhanced Physician Freedom & Control

The most knowledgeable provider is in charge of the care process and key decisions.

Decreased Financial Risk

An experienced partner with whom to share program costs and risks.


Increased Physician Revenue

Specialists can earn as much as $3,000 per episode in new revenue.

How We Engage with Specialists

Why Specialists love our model

Our Selected Specialist innovators include:

  • A hip surgeon who designed an improved surgical approach that helps patients leave the hospital sooner

  • A urologist who has been doing surgeries on an outpatient basis with lower infection rates and dramatically lower costs, but has yet to find a good fit in a hospital system

  • An obstetrician who built a low-risk birthing center run by mid-wives despite resistance form hospital executives an his OB peers

  • A general surgeon who does hundreds of hernia surgeries a year with dramatically better outcomes and lower costs than his peers

  • A knee surgeon who figured out that patients with even minor complications recover faster when they see his team after surgery, rather than a generalist

We welcome "Contrarian Outlier Specialists" who:

  • Believe in innovation and in better ways to deliver care

  • Personally agitate for change within their professional realms

  • Track data proving higher quality care than peers at a lower cost

  • Want to share in the savings they generate although current programs prevent it


Archway makes your practice aspirations a reality.