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Archway was given an A+ rating by Chilmark Research for bundled payment technology tools, the highest of any other convener organizations for Medicare programs. Additionally, 90% of our clients said in a satisfaction survey that they would recommend us and our tools to others.

Our technology can be applied across a variety of risk-based programs, including BPCI Advanced, Oncology Care Models, self-insured employer plans, health plans, and stop-loss downside risk protection.

Archway Analytics


Archway Analytics is a platform designed for Medicare programs that simplifies management of bundled payments. Powered by cloud-based analytics, Archway’s platform delivers interactive data, insights, and recommendations.

Archway Carelink


Archway Carelink helps track patient location and health status through mobile apps, text messaging, and interactive phone calls.

Archway Analytics Overview

Ongoing program management and insights

  • Automated, five-day turnaround on new CMS data

  • NPRA forecast modeling

  • Patient-specific target price prediction and episode timelines with the PCMA tool

  • Utilization trends and analysis for care redesign

  • Program-specific considerations such as ACO and concurrent episode override rules

  • Web-based, secure portal with more than 10 sharable reports, Excel export and presentation-ready images

Archway Analytics Demo for BPCI Advanced

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 2.27.36 PM.png

Patient Case Mix Adjustment Tool

The first of its kind, our PCMA tool within Archway Analytics utilizes proprietary proration methodology to allow providers to understand how the case mix of their patient population will impact their performance in BPCI Advanced. Believed to be the first of its kind, Archway’s PCMA function complements the existing patient-specific target pricing features of Archway Analytics. Read more.


Bundle Selection Analysis

Success in BPCI Advanced centers around selecting the right the bundles. Archway Analytics offers tools for modeling program opportunities and performance.

Archway Care Link Overview

Care coordination and patient tracking

  • Quickly view the master episode list of all the patients you are tracking

  • See patient details including care plan, status updates, and episode history

  • Use reports to monitor preferred provider performance, track SNF LOS trends, access a financial summary, and more.

  • Patient communication with secure texting

Archway Carelink: Real Time Patient Tracking

Monitoring episodes in real-time to improve patient care and inform the care management team.


Multiple Patient Tracking Touchpoints

Archway Carelink helps track patient location and health status through mobile apps, text messaging, and interactive phone calls.